Shed Covid Re-opening Plan

Dear Members,

I’m excited to announce that I will be back at the gym to work with you, beginning May 18th. The Shed is eligible to open in Phase 2, with certain protocols in place. 

Here are some things that I will be doing to keep us all safe:

All equipment will be spaced apart, a minimum of 6 feet. Side by side treadmill walking or running will not be allowed at this time. 

I will be providing marked off, designated workout stations for people to use. These will be spaced out more than 6’ and on both sides of the gym. I’d ask that the benches are not moved during this second phase.

I am asking that members wishing to lift heavy on the bench or squat rack, use the safety arms and do not ask me or others to spot them, unless they are in the same family.

Please bring your own water bottles and water. Please do not leave the bottles at the gym for future use or on the cubbies or shared boxes, etc.

I will be providing bleach and water cleaning solutions throughout the gym, for each member to use before and after use of equipment and weights. PLEASE REMEMBER TO PUT YOUR OWN WEIGHTS BACK AND CLEAN THEM OFF FOR OTHER MEMBERS TO USE. THIS INCLUDES THE RACK  WEIGHTS AND CABLE MACHINE.

I will be opening the garage doors for increased ventilation if possible- please bring sweatshirts 🙂

The gym will only be available to members. Please keep guests and young children from entering until we are further into stage 3 and 4. 

Following the current Idaho Stay At Home Order, if you have moved back to town from  outside the area, I ask that you respect the two week isolation protocol, set by the CDC. before coming into the gym.

If you show any signs of fever or illness. Please stay home.

The gym will be sprayed down with a cleaning solution, by me, the last 15 min of every workout shift and thoroughly from 12pm -1pm, Monday through Friday. The gym will be closed during that time (12-1), so please plan accordingly. 

I will be only allowing a maximum of 8 members, in the gym, at one time. The hours I would like to schedule use are from 7am – 12pm, Monday through Friday. Use before 7am and after 1pm does not need to be scheduled. Nor does use on the weekends. 

If you are interested in coming into the gym to work with me, please let me know what days and times are your preferences: You can text me: 208.610.1748 or email me: It is not a problem if you need to change your day or time, just give me notice so I can verify numbers. I will confirm with you, your days and times.

Workouts will be written to take 60 min or less, if you prefer. 







Afternoons, 1pm and later, and weekends, the gym is open for adult, independent training. I ask that everyone be considerate of the space, maintain distancing, and clean your area and equipment before and after use. PLEASE PUT ALL EQUIPMENT AWAY. THIS INCLUDES WEIGHT PLATES ON THE RACK AND CABLE MACHINE. BANDS AND MATS.

As we move into more phases, I hope that we will be able to open up more, if we all feel safe. For now, I am confident that these protocols will be helpful.

For members not ready to return to the gym or remote Shed members, I will continue to email or text your workouts and help you with form and explanation. 

I do not wish anyone to feel nervous about returning. Fitness should be fun and we should always feel strong and safe. 

Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. I’m here for you and look forward to seeing you all soon.


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