At The Shed, we offer group personal training and personal training on site and online. Each of our workouts are researched, thought out and created with the client’s goals and bodies in mind. We believe in building a base and strong body, gradually. We provide monthly programs or new workouts each session, depending on each client’s interest. We also offer general memberships for gym use only. No sign up fees or commitment beyond a month. All members have 24/7 lockbox access to the gym.


The Shed is a unique facility where youth and adults gather to workout. The gym is intimate and different than any other in the area and perhaps the nation. The concept and program was created by Jen Barden, Lead Trainer and Owner, from years of working in different fields of health and fitness and also from her own athletic achievements. The Shed in Sandpoint, Idaho cannot be duplicated and the program itself has been tested with proven results.                



Are you an adult training for a race, event or is that on your “bucket list”?


Are you finding that your body is “breaking down”, your back, knee or hip is causing you to slow down or even give up activities you love. Our expertise and training background will help you get on track.


The Shed also offers for all our members, Gait analysis, unweighting,  and vibration plates.

At The Shed, we also specialize in injury prevention and are proud to offer a  facility and equipment that is suitable for people with disabilities.


Youth come to get better, faster, stronger. Soccer, volleyball, track, ski racing, skate boarding, tennis, football… or just general health: young athletes come in to discover how great their best is. They are taught how to use activations, to push themselves without injuring themselves, to respect and care for their bodies and believe in themselves.  They learn how to get stronger and faster, why we do what we do so that they can take this knowledge with them throughout their lives.

Our workouts change everyday and are athlete/sport/goal specific. We spend hours researching theory and methods. Workouts will include plyometric training, core strengthening, gait training, speed training, proper strength training, agility, stability work and endurance.